Since Sep. 2010


Master SDTR (Distributed Systems and Network Technologies) UPEC

  • Optimization and metaheuristics 
  • Industrial networks 
  • C/C++ programming 
  •  Machine Learning 
  • Algorithms and graphs 
  • Introduction to Parallel and Distributed systems.

Engineering school ISBS (BioSciences Engineering education) 

  • Matlab programming
  • Projects Supervising 

DSTI (Data Science Tech Institue) Paris 

  • Algorithms design
  • Introduction to Bayesian Neural Networks


  • Operational research 
  • Pattern recognition 

ESIEE Paris schools of higher education

  • Image and signal processing



Assistant Professor at ISBS

 Medical image processing 

Applied numerical methods

Supervising students' projects.  


Assistant professor at University Paris 12:

Pro. Master degree on Real time: Automation and Control (laboratory)

Assistant professor at University Paris 12: Signal Processing, Operating Systems.




 Assistant Professor, Université de  Batna ALGERIA.

Introduction to Algorithms and programming