Ongoing thesis

  1. Since oct. 2016, Leo Souquet, Design of Multi-resolution based algorithms for continuous optimization. collaboration with DSTI.
  2. Since Nov. 2018, F. Keddous, Parallel implementation of AI algorithms on heterogeneous platforms (FPGA-DSP-GPU-CPU). BULL CIFRE.
  3. Since Dec. 2018, E. Favry, Rare events detection based on deep learning. UMANIS CIFRE.
  1. Oct. 2008 - Dec. 2011: J. Lepagnot, "Dynamic Optimization", Ministry scholarchip.
  2. Nov. 2009 - Nov. 2012: M. Dakkak, " indoor geo-location", Syrian goverment scholarchip.
  3. Oct. 2009-Jan. 2013: A. Masson-Sibut, "Ultrasound image processing", Aesculap SA. Funds.
  4. Jan. 2010- May 2014: I. Boussaad, "Metaheuristics for robust design of large scale electric network",  CIFRE Contract with Alstom-Grid (ex. AREVA-td).
  5. Jan. 2011-May 2014: T. Rohmer, "Analysis, Modeling, and Optimisation of a Peer-to-Peer based Video-on-Demand Streaming System", Defunded at UCD Dublin Irland, Irish scholarship.
  6. Dec. 2011-Dec. 2014: T. Nguyen: "Design of  prototyping plateform  for virutal interconnexion networks", CIFRE with BULL.
  7. Jan. 2012-Nov 2016 L. Urrego: "Optimal risk analysis in energy networks", XN colombian company of electricity and Alstom-Grid contract.
  8.  Oct. 2012-Dec 2016 A. Kaci, "Design of a scalable architecture of HPCs", CIFRE with BULL-Atos.
  9. Oct. 2014- Oct. 2018: A. Kouzana, "Design of optimization framework for energy functions optimization. Application image analysis", in collaboration with Tunis university. 
  10. Oct. 2015 - Dec. 2018: A. Ghoumari, "Machine learning based metaheuristics for continuous optimization", Ministery allocation.

Master Degree

  1. Feb. -Jul. 2015,  Zied Hamouda, Design of low cost 3D reconstruction system for objects' volume estimation. 
  2. Feb.-Jul. 2013, Guillaume Charlat, Design of a metaheuristic for continuous optimization. Application on medical image registration.
  3. Feb.-Jul. 2013, Bernard Thibault, Design of a learning based metaheuristic for continuous optimization. Application on adaptive biosignal filtering.
  4. May-Sep. 2012; K. Dahoumane, On the perfoamance of Cloud computing system. BULL project.
  5. May-Sep. 2012, N. Barache, Optimization of the performances of a P2P-VoD system. 
  6. Fev-Juin 2009, F. Aiboud: cine-MRI registration. collaboration with Pr. P. Decq(Neurochirurgie, CHU de Mondor),  
  7. Mars-Juillet 2009, O. Sasmaz, " FACTs placements' Optimization in an electrical network", with collaboration avec AREVA-td
  8. Fev-Juin 2008, L. Conteville: Brain ventricle segmentation.  In collaboration with Pr. P. Decq (Neurochirurgie, CHU de Mondor) .
  9. Fev-Juin 2005, Y. Airdaous: image segmentation using simulated annealing.